About Us

Serving your Desires, The Sustainable Way

YORenters.com supports the idea of renting instead of buying and contributes to building an eco-friendly and sustainable environment by reducing wastage caused by hoarding and impulsive purchasing. The rental industry is still new, so there are limited options to what you can and cannot rent on the market. YORenters.com provides that seamless rental experience through our easy to use platform, allowing users to rent and rent out on the go and in the bank.

Why Buy when you can Rent

Prospective buyers choose to purchase an item for usage but often times than not it’s only used once or twice in its lifetime before being put in the ‘Looks nice. Still want it. Don’t really need it. Can’t throw away’ box. This leads to; buying a camping tent you’ve only used once in the past 15 years, that one pretty dress hanging nicely in the closet you’ve never worn once before, or that treadmill you swore to use every week to stay in shape being new year’s irresolution. You know you want them, but can’t really keep them. So why not rent it? Become a renter now by clicking here to register.

Got Goods to Spare? Rent Out and Share

Look closely in your attic, basement, storage facility, fridge, Dursley nephew room. Chances are, you have stuff lying about that are sitting pretty in their inanimate state. Instead of using up space and giving free real estate to spiderwebs and dust bunnies, try putting those items to good use by renting them out to those who desire them. Best part is, you’ll even earn a tidy, neat sum for your generous endeavour. You may not hear them, but those untouched items are just crying out to be used and played with. So start your renting adventure now! Become an owner by clicking here to register.

Quality Users Suggested by You

Our rating and review system gives users the added option to rate and share your renting experiences with the whole YORenters community. Loved renting from Ananya? Put her on a pedestal and recommend her to high heaven! Had an unfortunate experience with Chen? Don’t be a sour downer, help a brother out by giving constructive and useful advice! We’re only as good as how we tend to others. On another note, the rating and review system is also available for each and every individually listed item.

Effortless and Reliable

Rental fees are payable to YORenters Services Sdn. Bhd. (1353921-X) via our trusted payment solution partner. Fret not for payment is processed under strict and secure guidelines, ensuring a stress-free service for all transactions. To learn and know more, please read through our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy agreements.

Transformative Rental Management Solution

YORenters.com provides that additional business option for existing and newly formed rental businesses. Through YORenters.com, rental companies can effectively increase brand and consumer awareness, rental sales and fulfil customer appetite by empowering them to rent online. These businesses will shape and help guide the rental industry to prosper. If your an interested business representative, join and register with YORenters.com now by clicking here.

The more we Share the more we Have

Still haven’t made up your mind yet? Here are some cheesy motivational quotes to get you rent-ready and started!