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We dread it, and it’s best to avoid it. Penalties are there for assurances that a Rental Order can be done in a timely and dutiful manner. But assurances are never a guarantee.

Penalties occur when a Renter has failed to return the Item back to the Owner by the date they were supposed to return it. Penalties are calculated at 2.5 times the Daily Rental Price for every day the Item hasn’t been returned. This caps out at 30 days max after which if it still hasn’t been returned, will be considered as lost.

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1. Note and Memorize your Rental End Date

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When you first receive your Item, the day the shipping courier has delivered it is the exact day of your ‘Rental Start Date’. Remember this as it is not the date you set when you first viewed the item listing.
Starting from your Rental Start Date, count the days of your rent all the way until the last day. The last day of your rental period is your ‘Rental End Date’. This is when you’ll have to start shipping the return of the item.

Note and memorize these dates or put an alarm before the actual Rental End Date to prepare.

2. Set Reminders and Prepare Early

Calendar Image showing an example of the Rental Period with Rental Sart and End Dates

Prepare early and set a day of which you plan to arrange the return of the Item. Doing it on the last day may be too rushed, so you’ll have to start early.

A good time to arrange for return is 2 days before with a reminder a day earlier. By the end of the rental period you will have already prepared the packaging, printed and pasted the Air Waybill and compiled your media proof (See Tip #3).

Then on the actual date, you will just need to deliver the item over the counter and you’re good to go!

You can read our Parcel Packaging Article guide for some tips on how to package your parcel easily and safely.

3. Take Photographs (Daily!)

Photo of a Kid Taking Photographs with a Rented Camera in front of a Blue Background

It isn’t mandatory but highly recommended to take photographs of the Item the moment you first receive it, everyday, and all the way until the day you’re supposed to return it.
This will act as proof that you have used the Item during the whole course of the Rental Period and will have returned it by the Rental End Date.
Time-stamping your photos (with an app on a smartphone) is also recommended for better credibility.

Consider a quick read on our Item Photography article for some tips and tricks on photographing your Items.

4. Check the Item’s Return Grace Period

Photo of a Phone Screen showing 3 days marked on the Calendar app as extra 3 days of Grace Period

The Grace Period is noted on the Item Listing and lists how many days a Renter is given to return the Item back to the Owner. This can go from 0 to 4 days.

Example: The Rental End Date is 13 January. Grace Period is 3 days. That means you have extra 3 days until 16 January to return the Item.

This acts as a safety period that acts as a buffer for Renters to try and complete their return before the Grace Period has ended. After the Grace Period has ended, then comes penalty time!

5. Proof of Actual Return Delivery

Photo of a Renter Carrying a Box with a Postage Consignment Air Waybill Note Pasted in Front

This is important as proof of you returning the item, it is highly recommended (not mandatory) to take a photo of when you have delivered the parcel to your chosen delivery post.

The photo will need to include the parcel together with an officially stamped Air Waybill by the post officer.

This will indicate that you have indeed sent the Item on the correct time and date before the Rental End Date (plus Grace Period) has finished.

6. Defend yourself!

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Now comes crunch time. When the Owner feels they haven’t received the Item by the promised time, they may raise a dispute against the Order.

This is where all your preparation following the tips above comes to play. Use media proof, photos, recordings, videos, time stamps and anything you can give to defend yourself.

A YORenters helpline representative will promptly contact you to further examine the issue if a dispute has been raised. You’ll need to give as much detail as possible to avoid getting any penalties that may come your way.

You can also refer to your Rental Agreement for more details on this or if you want, you can contact us immediately by clicking the floating chat button at the bottom right-hand corner of this page. We're available on live chat from 10AM–7PM on weekdays.

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It is essential as a Renter for you to know what you are renting and to know your rights on what you are due or is reasonably required to have when renting from others on an online marketplace.

Penalties means business but are necessary to protect the rights and roles of every user involved.

Please do contact us if you are having trouble returning the Item or have encountered any issues with the system. We are more than happy to help you with your enquiry.

Apart from the bottom-right live chat, you can contact us by emailing us at [email protected][dot]com. This way you could provide further media proof by including them in the email.

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