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In numerous surveys and questionnaires, consumers have chosen Furniture (45%) as the most frequently rented item, followed by gaming systems (37%) and clothing (35%).

It’s not surprising when you think about it as Furniture belongs in that category where it is expensive enough to reconsider a purchase. And you get more value over a long period when it is rented instead of bought.

Renting out furniture is seen as an opportunity by many businesses as the demand is there and the costs are not that high when compared to selling it.

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One-Time Usage

A main reason why you would want to rent out your furniture is because of how often you use it.

Whether it is for an event, recreation or just simply a decoration in your home. Some of the furniture we buy are not actually being used too often.
Examples like outdoor party chairs, bed frames, curtain furnishings, party stools, coffee tables, glassware and vases, picture frames, diy shelves and furniture from a second home.

Most unused furniture are still in good working order as they only decrease in value when they are actually used. Renting out furniture even as non-business owner is a viable option.

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Rent for Events, Trips, and or to just Try it Out

Renters rent for various reasons but they are all temporary. Furniture are rented for short periods of time and then are often exchanged for something new later on.

Main reasons why Renters choose to rent instead of buy furniture is because of:

  • temporarily living somewhere (ie. an outstation transfer);
  • purchasing is too expensive;
  • to test it out first,
  • hosting events,
  • moving into a new home (before original furniture is moved in);
  • and when they just want to change the look of a place.

Most consumers are becoming more cost-conscious and concerned about sustainability as opposed to owning for the sake of ownership.
Which brings us to how do we go about renting out our furniture.

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When Adding Items:
Fit and Ready for Use

When renting second-handed furniture as opposed to brand new ones. One must ensure that the item is preserved well, is fit and ready for use, and is clean from any dust, mites and scum.

It is understandable if there are some wear and tear here and there, but the overall quality and readiness of the product must be in rentable condition.
Otherwise some accidents may happen such as a chair suddenly losing its support, or a glass table exploding under pressure.

You can preserve your furniture by plastic and vacuum-wrapping them. While adding some silica gel to prevent humidity building up. If it has metal materials, then spraying some WD-40 periodically is recommended.

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When Renting Out:
Tables and Chairs

The essential of any setting. People need a place to sit. A place to gather. A place to eat, mingle, or work.

A large gathering event like a wedding reception, school event, family picnic, conference, funfair or a kenduri requires tables and chairs to accommodate mass gatherings.
Such events happen often and require quick and seamless rental of tableware.

No matter the occasion, people will always need some place to sit.

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Temporary Housing

Temporary housing can be a result of a work transfer, backpacking travel, traveling nurses, business professionals, military and government personnel, and people who are relocating.
Temporary living requires temporary furniture, as it offers both flexibility and convenience without the stress of something permanent.

Beds, Chairs, and Tables
The absolute essentials. Temporary housing needs temporary living furniture. And every living environment requires a bed, chair and table as the basic temporary need.

Temporary Kitchen
Renting a kitchen means renting out your handy portable stoves, glassware, cutlery, boards, knives, cooking appliances and many more. Even a basic rice cooker can do a lot besides just cook rice.

It may be temporary, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be stylish nor quaint. Home is not a place, but a state of mind. Decorate your new home albeit temporarily with decorations, flowers, vases, glassware, frames, drapes, curtains, etc.

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Trying before Buying

Upscale fashion isn’t just restricted to clothing but to furniture as well.
Especially among the younger generation who have a limited budget, renting out furniture to impress your peers with taste and lifestyle is a common occurrence nowadays.

Since upscale trends equate to upscale costs, most of the latest furniture are available for rent. As users would be more comfortable with trying before buying.

We live in a society that demands instant gratification. Needing things and needing them now. Consumers today get bored easily and need variety. From same-day deliveries to fast fashion, people want to experience higher volumes at an accelerated rate. Living a clutter-free life without ownership. Hence why renting without buying is a trend.

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Fully Furnished Bundles

Renting out full furnishings is considered an add-on when renting out a fully-furnished house.
This means that all the furniture inside are being used while still technically belonging to you.

Bundles don't have to be just big, bulky furniture. A simple side table coupled with decor and stool go a long way. Or even a full picnic table and chair set, bundled together with a basket, portable stove and a dust bin. Gaming desk, chair and lamp. Study table set and lamp. Combinations are endless.

Decisions made on renting are less altruistic and more pragmatic, so the average renter would want functionality over form.
Temporary solutions for short term periods because renting is less expensive and more convenient.

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55% of Renters say that if that item was for sale at an affordable price, they would choose to buy instead of rent it. But because of rising costs and sustainability concerns, renting is more than a satisfactory option.

While the types of products that can be rented have widened, the reasons for renting have stayed the same mainly: i.e. testing products, temporary short-term solutions, and convenience.

As new and diverse entrants are getting into the renting game, offering short-term rentals at a competitive price, more consumers may be prompted to try renting instead of buying.

Do you agree that renting furniture over buying is the correct choice? Have you ever rented furniture before and why? What was the experience like? Contact and share your experience with us as we’re dying to know.

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