Introducing the New Giveaway Feature on YORenters where you can give and receive stuff for free

Just as it sounds, this is a feature that Owners can use to give away any item (for free of course) to any user that might be interested in them.
For Owners, this is an opportunity to clear up some space and unwanted items in the household which can be better used by someone who wants them.
And as for Renters well… what’s better than getting some free stuff!

1. How it Works

”5 Step Process Infographic for Giving Away Feature

The process is similar to a normal rental order. It starts with selecting an Item that has been marked with ‘Giveaway’.
The Renter won’t have to pay for anything except for shipping. The shipping will be paid by the Renter and arranged by the Owner.
Once the Renter has confirmed shipping and made the order, the Owner will print the Air Waybill at the order page, send it and it’s done!

2. What Items to Giveaway

A Picture of Kitchen Appliances showing stuff to Giveaway for the New Giveaway Feature on YORenters

Anything really! Old items, new items, big items, small items.
Old clothes that don’t fit anymore, wrongly bought prescription bottles, a second microwave (who needs 2?!) and anything else that someone else might want since you’re not using it.

Any Item is suitable to give away as long as it is not a prohibited Item as stated in the Rental Agreement.
Giving Away your Items is notably seen as a noble act, so try it now by adding/editing your item (signed in as Owner) and make someone’s day that little bit merrier.

Start clearing your house and get rid of old clothes, toys and gadgets from ages ago that are just piling up the place. Posting them up for giveaway will give you the chance to do so.
As for Renters, this is an opportunity to find some new stuff for you to use and play with.

New Features will be introduced and available from time to time on the platform so keep checking from time to time by subscribing to our newsletter and check this space often.

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