The Item Listing explained for Renters

The Item Listing is likely the most important page of any online shop. It details the item’s name, description, image and everything in between that showcases the Owner’s intent to rent the item out by putting it on display for the masses.

This article will serve as a guide on how to read the Item Listing and what every spec of information means to help you make informed decisions on what to, and what not to rent for your personal use.

Alternatively, check out the Payment Process Article here if you have questions regarding how the payment is done and what it is you are actually paying for as a Renter.

1. The Item Listing

The Item Listing explained for Renters

The Item’s main page. Every Item on the website will have one and will show up in its own designated page. You can bookmark the page in your website browser in case you want to save it for later. But be warned though, don’t expect it to still be available later on, so act quick!

2. Item Name

The Item Listing explained for Renters

The Item Name will illustrate perfectly what the Item is all about in a quick glance. You can find the brand name, size, details, any offer that the Owner illustrates, to give you key pieces of information to make your rental choice.

3. Rental Price and Security Deposit

The Item Listing explained for Renters

This will probably be what catches your first attention. The Rental Price (shown on the left) is the price per day for the rental of the item. So you can plan early and guesstimate the amount you would be spending for your chosen number of days.

The figure on the right is the Security Deposit. As chosen by the Item’s Ower, this is the figure that the Owner makes out to be is the perceived value of the Item and a figure that the Owner is willing to uphold in order for them to rent out their prized possession.

4. Description

The Item Listing explained for Renters

The description found at the bottom of the Item Listing is a dedicated section that gives more information about the details of the item from the condition and instructions of use, to the material and wear and tear. If you have more questions and having trouble figuring out what the Item is all about, chances are you’ll find your answer right here.

5. Specifications

The Item Listing explained for Renters

The specifications will give ‘specific’ details on the Item’s brand name, any model name and/or item code. This will give the Renter an idea of a similar type of Item that is associated with that brand, so that an informed choice can be made to what you’re actually getting out of this rental.

6. Shipping Instruction

The Item Listing explained for Renters

Any and all items will have a minimum of 7 days (from today’s date) for the actual rental to start on. Example: If today is Monday, then the earliest day I can start renting the Item is next Monday.

This will give ample time for the Owner to prepare for the delivery of the Item and give Renters the initiative to plan ahead for future rentals.

7. Availability

The Item Listing explained for Renters

This icon shows the current availability of the Item. When the Item hasn’t been confirmed to be in any active rental or has been previously booked, then the green [In Stock] icon will show, illustrating that the Item is available for rent.

The Item Listing explained for Renters

Likewise if the red [Out of Stock] is shown, then you’re out of luck. This means that the Item is currently being rented or is put as unavailable by the Owner. Don’t be distraught, this could just mean that the item is just temporarily unavailable, so tune in and check back often and catch it when it is available.

8. Ratings & Reviews

The Item Listing explained for Renters

This will depict the popularity of the item used by any previous Renters of the Item. A fully favourable 5 star rating by a Renter shows that the Item is perfect and its usage is as described via its Item Listing.

So you can note that a higher rating and number of ratings makes the Item Listing more trustworthy and you can be sure to get bang for your buck on the Item. Be advised that the rating is only for this particular Item, the rating for the Owner is separate.

The Item Listing explained for Renters

The Item Listing is the forefront of the Owner’s thoughts and intent to capture your attention and well-earned cash to rent the item for your use and benefit.

It is up to you as the Renter to make informed choices as to what you’ll be getting out of the deal to get the most out of your rental order, so that you can enjoy the experience and hope to make the next rental a better one altogether.

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