Item Management Guide for Owners

This article is designed as a guide for the aspiring Owner to know what and how to add, edit and manage your Items for the ultimate goal of renting it out to prospective Renters so that you can share your personal belongings with like-minded individuals, while at the same time making some money out of it.

1. Adding an Item

Item Management Guide for Owners
[Owner Account > Manage Items > Add New Item]

The title is your key identifier of the Item. This will be used to search for words in the search bar when a Renter is looking for an Item.
So put in as much as detail as you can about the Item without going over the top so that your Item can grab the attention of the masses and hopefully pull in some moolah.

Item Category
Choose a category that best represents your item. Your category will determine where your Item will be placed in the relevant categories.
Some Items may belong to multiple categories, so try and determine the best usage of your Item as to where it rightfully belongs.

Item Condition
Indicate whether your Item is brand new, or has been used before. Write out in its description how much you have used it before (once or twice) to give an idea on its quality and remaining useability.

The Brand brings some attention when it comes to advertising your Item. Although a brand may pull in some views, an unbranded Item may do the same if it is unique and advertised better.
If your Item has no brand, consider putting in Original Brand or Self-Made in this criteria.

Model Name & Model Code
A model name may be associated with the brand. This will be easier for potential Renters to identify the Item.
The Model Code is the serial code or number associated with the Item’s model. These selections are optional and not compulsory but are still recommended to add in.

Give a full detailed description of your Item. Include condition status (New or Pre-owned), Item material, dimensions, fitting, instructions of use and memos. Put yourself in a Renter’s shoes and give out as much as detail as anyone would want to know about your Item.
Personalize it. Make it unique and write what makes it stand apart from the rest. Also add in some specific details such as known scratch marks and/or damages. This will give genuinity to your Item and make it more identifiable and personable.

Item Management Guide for Owners

2. Volumetric Weight

Item Management Guide for Owners

The Volumetric Weight dictates the size of the parcel which is used for shipping purposes. This weight is calculated after you have packed it and not from before. Please note that the Volumetric Weight is not the actual weight of your Item. Find out more on how to read and calculate the Volumetric Weight of your parcel by visiting our How to Pack your Parcel guide.

Weight (kg)
This is for shipping! The rough weight of your item rounded up to 1kg. This will determine the shipping options and price of your item.
It may be difficult to estimate this before you have actually packed the Item. So try and give it 1 or 2 more kgs to its actual weight to account for the difference. Remember, better put in more weight than less.

Length (cm), Height (cm), Width (cm)
Again, this is for shipping! These dimensions are for the packaging of your item, so if you were to pack your Item in a box, then the length, height, and width of the box will be used here.

Item Management Guide for Owners

3. Rental & Security Deposit

Item Management Guide for Owners

Daily Rate (RM)
This is the amount of money a Renter has to pay for a day when renting your Item and ultimately, your Rental Earnings. There are many ways on how to calculate this, but it is entirely up to you to make out a price that is both eye-catching, and reflects the quality and value of your Item.
If you have trouble making out your own Daily Rate, you can calculate a suggested amount for you to use via the Rental Calculator. Find out how to use the Rental Calculator here.

Security Deposit (RM)
This will be your insurance, your security against damages or loss that may happen to your Item. The amount will be withheld against any Renter’s Deposit balance and will only be used if you, the Owner, open a dispute against them.
A good Security Deposit amount is one that you can live in peace with if anything unfortunate happens to your Item. Somewhere between 50% to 80% of your Item’s current value.
If you need some assistance in figuring out how to calculate your Security Deposit, try using the in-built Rental Calculator. Find out more on how to use the Rental Calculator here.

The Rental Calculator is an in-built calculator used as an assistance tool for the Owner to calculate their Rental Price and required Security Deposit. As the Owner, you will provide some figures which automatically calculates a suggested Rental Price and Security Deposit for you to use.
This is entirely optional and not compulsory to use. Find out more on how to use this by visiting the Rental Calculator user guide.

Purchased Price (RM)
The purchase price is the price of which you, the Owner paid for the Item or its estimated value at the time the Item was first obtained.

Purchased Year
As stated, this is the year when you first bought or obtained the Item. This will help estimate the value of the Item over time throughout the years.

Expiry Date
This selection here is optional and you can put a future date here for when you want the Item to no longer be 'available for rent'.
Let’s say you’re going away on a vacation or you just want to use the Item yourself on a certain date. This will help notify the community and list the Item as unavailable for rent when the Expiry Date arrives.

4. Images

Item Management Guide for Owners

The image of the Item is your ultimate gambit to grabbing the attention of your audience. Note that images will be auto-fixed at an 400x400 resolution when uploaded and you can write some descriptions together along with the image. Visual appearances are everything on an online rental platform.

We recommend you to check out some tips and tricks on how to take photographs of Items via our Item Photography Tips & Tricks guide to ensure your Item is in everyone’s eyes, mind and wishlist!

5. Shipping and Billing Address

Item Management Guide for Owners

To complete your Item Profile, you will have to register a shipping and billing address to your User Account. This is so that whenever a Renter registers interest to rent your Item, a shipping fee will be calculated from the distance measured from your Address to theirs to get an accurate price point for any ensuing delivery.

You can manage and edit your Address Book here (you’ll have to be logged in first).

6. Managing your Items

Item Management Guide for Owners

After completing the Add an Item process and reading the Rental Agreement, your Item will be successfully added to the database and will be ready to be placed orders on.

If you would want to make some changes after Adding an Item, you can manage them under your Manage Items tab found here (logged in as Owner required to access). From here, you can then change descriptions, images and even select the Item to be unavailable for rent as described in the last point.

7. Setting Item Status

Item Management Guide for Owners

When all has been written and set in stone, your Item will be rent-ready on your notice. An availability icon will light up green telling that the Item is available for rent.

If however for any reason you may want to change the availability of the Item, either you want to use it or you’re going away. You can change the item status by selecting the [INACTIVE] option under editing an Item in your Manage Items tab.

Doing this will make the Item’s availability icon light up red and make it unavailable for rent and the Item listing product page will not be visible. Although any existing current orders for the Item will still proceed as usual.

Item Management Guide for Owners

Managing Items as an Owner is designed to be as seamless and as easy a task as possible. Making sure that you have full control while also making it convenient for you to change any and all details of your Items at a moment’s notice.

If there are difficulties to the Item Management system or you wish to share some feedback with us in order to improve it, we would be more than happy to chat with you via the floating chat button at the bottom right-hand corner of this page. We're available on live chat from 9AM–6PM on weekdays.

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You can also check out How it Works to rent out as an Owner by clicking here. Happy renting!