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You have made your order, have waited patiently for the delivery, and now finally you have received your item. So what do you do now? Now it’s time for Item Acknowledgement and Checking.

This article will guide you along on what to do when you have first received your Item and what to do before you return it back.

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1. Time and Date

Picture this, you’ve received your Item and am eager to use the Item before your rental time is up. But before you can begin, you’ll have to acknowledge that you have received the Item via the YORenters order management page.

Please check and note the exact time and date you have received the Item as this will indicate the start of your Rental Period. If you haven’t acknowledged receipt of the Item then the Rental will have been assumed to have started by your set Rental Start Date when you first made the order.

2. Confirm Received

Via the order management page (requires login as a Renter) you would have the option to track the status of your Order. Once the Item has been delivered, the courier will confirm delivered which will change the Order status.

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The Order status will change from [Owner Shipped] to [Renter Received] once the courier has confirmed that they have successfully delivered the Item.

Screenshot of Order Status, Renter Received, and Actions on What to do

3. Taking Photographs

It isn’t explicitly stated but nevertheless highly recommended to take photographs of the Item the moment you first receive it. This is for condition checking purposes to see whether the Item matches more or less exactly as the Item in the Item Listing.

This also makes for a protection for you against a potential dispute as you have proof that the Item was in such and such condition when you first received it. Time-stamping your photograph is also recommended for further verifiability.

Consider a quick read on our Item Photography article for some tips and tricks on photographing your Items.

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4. Compare with Item Listing

The description found at the bottom of the Item Listing is a dedicated section that gives more information about the details of the item from the condition and instructions of use, to the material and wear and tear.

From the information given here, you’ll be able to note any differences from the written listing to the actual physical Item in your hands. Do note any differences that you may find if it greatly affects the usability of the product.

5. Visible Wear and Tear

In almost all rental orders, visible wear and tear is mutually accepted to any Item as long as that it is at an acceptable level and does not hinder the Item’s functionality unless explicitly stated by the Owner.

This is based on the assumed realistic nature of a rental marketplace whereby exchanging the use of ‘used’ goods will no doubt come with some wear and tear as the Item is being used throughout.

6. Proper Functioning

As per the description in its Item Listing, the Item must be functioning properly as expected unless explicitly stated otherwise in its Listing. It is recommended to take media proof (videos and photographs) to show that the Item is indeed not functioning as reasonably expected.

If discrepancies occur, then to consider opening a dispute which is further explained in point 8 of this article.

Comic of Renter Checking, Comparing Item to Item Listing, one No issues and the other damage found

7. Take Photographs (again!)

After the steps have been taken as above, then it is optional but recommended to take photographs of the Item along the course of the Rental Period.

This can be used as a sort of review of the Item and its checking of its condition for future potential Renters’ reference as well.

At the end of your Rental Period, take some final photographs again. This is to protect yourself against disputes or occurrences that may happen in between you returning the Item and the Owner receiving it.

From the information given here, you’ll be able to note any differences from the written listing to the actual physical Item in your hands. Do note any differences that you may find if it greatly affects the usability of the product.

8. Something Wrong?

For any discrepancies found in any of the above steps as mentioned, you may raise an inquiry or a dispute by clicking the button in your order management page.

Screenshot of Order Status, Renter Received, red mark on opening a dispute action

A YORenters helpline representative will then promptly contact you to further examine the issue. It is recommended to give as much detail as possible and provide any media as proof when needed.

Kindly refer to your Rental Agreement for more details on this or if you want, you can contact us now by clicking the floating chat button at the bottom right-hand corner of this page to start chatting with us instantly. We're duly available on live chat from 10AM–7PM on weekdays.

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It is essential as a Renter for you to know what you are renting and to know your rights on what you are due or is reasonably accepted to have when renting from others on an online marketplace.

Please do contact us if you have any more questions regarding the receiving process, as we’re more than happy to assist you.

Alternatively, you can contact us by emailing us at [email protected][dot]com. This way you could provide further media proof as well as attachments. We hope we can hear from you soon. Happy renting!