Let’s eliminate the Covid-19 chain by keeping us and our loved ones safe from harm. Recommendations for keeping your items safe and sterile and preventing the spread of germs. These instructions are prepared as a guide on how to handle the rented items before sending them away and after receiving them.

  1. Put on a good pair of rubber or disposable gloves.
  2. Read the directions on your cleaning supplies to ensure that you’re using the products as recommended and to avoid damaging sensitive items such as electronic devices. Consider using disposable antibacterial wipes for electronics rather than a harsh spay or anything that could cause water damage.
  3. If suitable, start your cleaning with a disposable cloth, cleaning hard surfaces with warm soapy water. Pay attention to frequently touched areas.
  4. Check your cleaning products. Use a type of disinfectant spray with at least a 70% alcohol content or bleach. If the smell is a bit strong, put a facemask on for protection.
  5. Once you’re finished, toss your disposable gloves in the bin or your rubber gloves in the laundry, and wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds.

  1. Find your item of interest through listed items or through the search bar.
  2. Click on an item and read its description carefully.
  3. Register and login as a Renter.
  4. Make sure you have the required amount in your security deposit in order to rent said item.
  5. Check item availability and book your rental dates in advance.
  6. Choose your preferred return shipping method. The Owner will choose the method of delivery shipping.
  7. Pay the total amount stipulated to confirm your order.
  8. Once item delivered, check item condition to see that it matches your acquired description.
  9. Enjoy your rental.
  10. Once the rental period is over, arrange for return back to Owner.
  11. Wait for Order Completed confirmation. Your initial deposit is refundable and can now be withdrawn.
  12. Rate & Review the Owner and Item based on your rental experience.
  1. Register and verify as an Owner.
  2. Choose your Item Category and state your Item Description.
  3. Upload photos and include detailed information such as quantity, colour, brand, dimensions, specifications, weight, user manual, important guide notes etc.
  4. Calculate your estimated current value of the item with the help of our calculator.
  5. Key in the required deposit for the item as an insurance measure.
  6. Calculate the estimated rental price per day with the help of our calculator.
  7. Publish your item.
  8. Your item may be checked and amendments made if the need arises.
  9. Wait for an interested Renter.
  10. Renter will lock-in their deposit and pay the amount required to confirm order.
  11. Check your item condition and ensure it meets its description.
  12. You will then arrange for delivery of the item through the Order page.
  13. Once Item has been shipped and arrived, the rental period will then start.
  14. Renter will then arrange for return shipping via the Order page when rental period is near its due date.
  15. You will receive the item and check to confirm that it is in an acceptable state.
  16. You are to confirm Order Completed if no disputes are raised.
  17. Rate & Review the Renter based on your rental experience.
  18. Your Full Rental Earnings will then be issued promptly within the earnings payout cycle.

Once the item has arrived, you are to check the item’s condition. If the item does not meet the specified conditions ie. wrong item, damaged, cannot be used or may bring user endangerment, you may proceed to return the item back to the Owner and claim for a refund with YORenters.

Refer to your Renters’ Rental Agreement. If the Order has been confirmed but the Owner has not arranged the shipping yet, the order is cancellable and you will be duly refunded. The Owner will be notified of its cancellation and the Renter will receive the refund within the payout cycle.

*Note that only the rental price paid is refundable, the shipping charges paid for will not be refunded back.

You can check your Order Shipping Status on your Order page using your OrderId at any time during the delivery shipping and/or return shipping period. If the user has opted in to use a courier service recommended by YORenters, an Airway Bill will be available to track and check the item shipping status at any one time.

You can apply for a voucher or promo code during item rental checkout right before payment is made.

You’ll be able to leave a rating & review within 2 weeks after the order is completed. The Owner will be able to rate & review the Renter while the Renter will be able to rate & review the Owner and the Item rented.

As per the Terms of Use, we will not tolerate any reviews which are untrue, deemed abusive, aggressive or show threatening behaviour or are discriminating. We believe in treating everyone with respect and will not allow any reviews which are likely to harass, upset, embarrass, alarm or annoy any other person.

YORenters reserves the right to amend and/or remove any review that breaches the Terms of Use at any given point of time. If you feel like a review that has been written about you or your item has breached the rules within our Terms of Use, please get in touch with us at [email protected]

When listing a new item, a user guide will be made available to prospective Owners to help you along the renting out process. Ultimately, the category will be set upon by the Owner as the item’s description and use can only be known and prescribed by the Owner.

For example, a shirt may be unisex and can be worn by either gender but the Owner is a female and feels that the shirt should be used by a female based on her preference and experience. From this, the Owner will list the shirt under Female’s Fashion as opposed to Men’s Fashion.

This is just one example case, if you are unsure as to what your item should be listed under, feel free to contact us at [email protected] for assistance.

When listing a new item, a user guide will be made available to prospective Owners to help you along the renting out process.

Item Value - When listing the estimated Current Value of your Item, find out the purchase price and purchase date of your Item and depreciate the value based on its usage and age. An online calculator will be provided to help with your calculation.

If you are not satisfied with the calculation, you can still put in your own estimated item value based on market research and comparisons or based on your own personal preference and experience. From this amount, the Rental Price per day and the required security deposit can be gathered.

The Security Deposit is a refundable deposit meant to protect the Owner against any damage or loss to any rented item (insurance). The security deposit amount can be viewed at the item’s listing page.

The deposit is refundable so Renters will receive the paid deposit back once a rental order is complete.

Read more info on the Security Deposit by reading the article here.

First, you must be logged in as a Renter (Owners cannot access their YORenters wallet). Then click on the [Security Deposit Wallet] tab under [My Account] at the top right section of this page. Or you can click this link.

From here you will be able to top up your wallet. Every time you top up a processing fee will be charged so be aware and plan ahead.

Read more info on the Security Deposit by reading this article.

You will have to contact our customer helpline to manually withdraw your current security deposit balance.

You can contact us here or by selecting the live chat button at the bottom right section of this page.