1. Discover

New dress, a projector set, or some tables for a party? Find what you’re looking for by browsing listed items or by using the search bar.

2. Order

Read descriptions carefully to get your perfect match. Ensure the required deposit is met. Book your rental dates and verify your login.

3. Pay

Arrange your preferred delivery and payment method. Proceed with payment to confirm order.

4. Enjoy

Once arrived, check item condition and confirm order delivered. Time to play.

5. Return

When rental period is over, arrange item return to the Owner and leave them and the item a review. Rent, Rinse & Repeat.

1. Post

Register and verify. Post an item for rent by uploading pictures and setting detailed descriptions. Only list items you don’t mind renting out.

2. Wait

Set rental price & required deposit. Publish your item and await eager Renters.

3. Rent out

Renter found, order confirmed. Check that your item is in fine shape and deliver your item within the delivery period based on your shipping preference.

4. Collect

Once rental period is over, await item return. Reunite with your item and check that your item is in perfect condition.

5. Cash In

Complete the Order and get paid within 2 weeks. Share your rental experience by rating & reviewing your Renter. Rent out, Rinse & Repeat.