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Female Chinese Traditional HanFu MingZhi Pink Cute Cat Embroidery Tall Collar 汉服正版粉色明制红色马面长袄立领

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Size : L (suitable for M - Slim XL size wearer) Wearing Method : Self tie up. No zips / Velcro. Easy to adjust for variant body sizes Height Advice : Minimum 163cm (If lower than 163cm best to match with high shoes for easy movement) Set : 2 Layers Top + Skirt Top Up : Accessory (Hair / Necklace) / Shoe (size 38-39) Note: *The coat layer is thick and slightly heavy for this set, recommended for air-conditioned room / indoor event. This set able to help keep warm.

Brand 涂七七
Items Name 萌猫物语
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