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Think Better Live Better

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Your mind is like a computer. How you program it is the way you are going to function. What if there was a way you could learn to think that enabled you to live an abundant, victorious, faith-filled life? In his New York Times bestselling book Think Better, Live Better, Joel Osteen revealed a life-changing strategy for reprogramming your mind to enable you to reach new levels of achievement and purpose. Now in this journal companion, Joel Osteen offers a wealth of scriptures, inspirational quotations, with space in which to record your thoughts and revelations. Here is the practical tool you need to help you fix your thoughts on what your Creator says about you. "I'm healthy. I'm valuable. I'm victorious." How you think determines how you live. *Please take notes that do not write anything in the book, if found out any writing or drawing in the book will consider to deduct penalty from security deposit

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